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DFP macro for [url_encoded_publisher_data] Grace Ganan 4/12/17
Impression tracking in flash flipbook? jlibr 4/12/17
Naming convention for auto-recognizing 2x images in .zip archives? seth--long 4/10/17
How we can serve a third party tag for the out of page ad unit format? Mythical Story 4/10/17
Auto-playing noisy video ads being allowed on our site cromdale 4/10/17
How to implement Flying Carpet format? Mircea Mirel 4/4/17
Fetching Image from the image creative Rupal Bansal 4/3/17
Ad refreshes while website loading Gorgi Selkov 4/3/17
Custom size third party creative not showing ads me 3/31/17
DFP impressions and my creative impressions are not matching Amit Dhaka 3/31/17
Resizing initial iframe to fir passback creative Rafal Truszkowski 3/30/17
Malvertising notification while there is no security issue detected Mat Gastal 4/5/17
Creative is rejected - Why is looptrk.com considered malware: Will Lindo 3/30/17
How to add a SpotX redirect creative set using VAST? dekkho_vatsal 4/3/17
Does anyone know where to implement the macros so for this tag so I can be sure to track clicks Dawn Kezer 3/28/17
Getting black screen in Android webview when user clicks on native ad. Banty Panda 3/27/17
Impressions not being recorded in Native Ads Mike6346 3/29/17
Lineitem asks to add creatives all creatives configured. Outbid IO team 3/29/17
How to add random number to link field in HTML5 banne Roman Yu. 3/25/17
Blank ADV in the upload page Roberto A 3/24/17
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