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Troubleshooting and Bugs

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google search page keep refreshing FaresAl 1/11/16
Remove www. from search results bradley.patty 1/8/16
Custome search engine is not working in android android mis 1/8/16
Suddenly started getting following today because of which my page is not loading properly "Failed to save thrown exception: no test case is installed." "Uncaught Bad argument to assert(boolean)" sssaurabh.kv 1/21/16
Refund request Adrian Averhoff 1/7/16
Some searches show up with no results. Comeat Mebro 1/5/16
aangepaste zoekmachine werkt niet in firefox Han Hendriks 1/7/16
Google Captcha when searching from small company Chris Gough - IRIS 1/5/16
Google CSE not working in chrome johnall 1/1/16
Google custom site search not working MeeToo! 1/1/16
Search box problem Susan42Sch 12/31/15
My site search is not working -- again Parker Shannon 1/1/16
Google search CAPTCHA challenge: Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network khtgg 12/30/15
Google Custom Search Api calls return 500 server error response. SunSSSSS 12/29/15
Fraudulent emails received in Google's name. Marianne Reil 1/6/16
search San Silvestro SA 12/28/15
is 1-line watermark copy for narrow displays or screens allowed? Nick Levinson 12/27/15
is 3-line watermark for very narrow displays or screens allowed where logo won't fit? Nick Levinson 12/27/15
Re: lea...@gmail.com Khan Niazi 1/23/16
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