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Google Custom Search

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Is there actually an API for " Creating Custom Search Engines programmatically Contents"? Or lack of auth means no such is available? Jonathan Rochkind 12/3/16
Can't monitize my cse. Alexander Ghoidern 12/3/16
Error message (refresh) when adding custom search for about 2 weeks. creating CSE 12/2/16
HELP! Google Search Results display BEHIND elements on page. Client Support 12/2/16
CSE for Site Search (of sites not owned by me) Douglas Shaw 12/2/16
Missing Search Results in Google Custom Search webstanford 12/2/16
How do we test our CSE setup on a site that's not ready to launch yet? Julie Sheffield 12/1/16
Can't see the type in the google search box. foamlady 12/1/16
There are articles that are not getting crawled - why? Anna Bylina 12/1/16
Problem with dateRestrict parameter of Custom Search API Igal Ram 12/1/16
Embedding CSE into Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) shani3060 12/1/16
Google Search Result Wrong Text shown LKDIGI Webmaster 12/1/16
How can I include google custom search(entire web) into my site and also how can I structured the results into title,description and link Ranjitha R 12/1/16
Why Doesn't 'Ad Filtering for Search' in Adsense Allow you to Block Entire Categories? Lowell_C 11/30/16
Search not returning new pages Dev Hubbard 11/30/16
How do I add date bias in Google CSE custom search. unhappygoogleusers 11/30/16
Alt-text of Google Logo in Search Box Matt_88 11/30/16
How to Remove Margin/Padding Around Custom Search Box? ian6232 11/29/16
How do I send xml to make custom google search progmatically? Dennis Cua 11/29/16
Can the paid version of Google Site Search display more than 100 results? AdamGatK 11/29/16
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