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Google Custom Search

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CSE API results are less than normal Google search Kapil Khangaonkar 11/10/17
Parameter "imgType" has no effect - Results are unfiltered Anon Dev 11/9/17
Pro Rated Extension Till 01 April 2018 Vittorio Aquino 11/9/17
Customize result page Juan-yo 11/9/17
Google Seems to be Reading the wrong HTTP Response Code W. J. Terrell 11/9/17
Getting 404 on our Custom Search Engine Erik Luchauer 11/9/17
CSE searchType image does not works properly with imgDominantColor to get the image with the specific dominant color. Niraj Gurnani 11/8/17
Google Search Hijacked - How to fix this? SearchHijinks 11/8/17
Ads still being displayed after disabling... JRMcVicker 11/8/17
Problem finally switching from Google Site Search to Google CSE in Drupal 7 Mailman School 11/6/17
Google site edits ?? SilkieB 11/6/17
Input text and search result titles not displaying correctly Darryl Reubens. 11/5/17
Delete or hide search results Rhiannon Himpsl 11/4/17
Google is changing the search method on its engine Katy Trump 11/4/17
Suggestions for custom search Splinter Mr I V Hyndman 11/4/17
Custom Search Button is empty grey box mark23583124 11/2/17
Searching details of person need details 11/2/17
CSE not returning any results Andrew Barron 11/2/17
How do I sign up? I'm in China... Nurbek Bakirov 11/2/17
hacked email stepjford 11/1/17
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