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Approved as non-profit, not seeing "Remove Ads" option Altitude Ultimate 11/14/17
No option to remove ADs for non-profit Jeremy Tarpley 11/14/17
How to become an approved education NorthIdahoCollege 11/14/17
can we customize search text box placeholder? TEC Public 11/14/17
Google custom search API providing only limited results Stephen Van Delinder 11/14/17
Googleカスタム検索の広告非表示について 竹本勝 11/14/17
Search results displayed in an overlay LaJonathan Lee 11/13/17
How to get a good search button or customize search text placeholder TEC Public 11/13/17
Search box & button not displaying properly Darryl Reubens 11/13/17
I only get a single result from CSE, multiple results using "search site" Scott Cantrell 11/12/17
CSE for New Google Sites chandana vana 11/12/17
Custom search returns no results Eadan Yuran 11/11/17
Custom Search returns no results Karl Girthofer 11/11/17
When trying to add CSE to google sites, error message "Please enter a valid URLl for the search provider" dominijk 11/11/17
I can't refresh title of my website. Naphong saebae 11/11/17
Cse with linked server has stopped and I lost credentials for the search account Pranjal Padmapati 11/10/17
CSE API results are less than normal Google search Kapil Khangaonkar 11/10/17
Parameter "imgType" has no effect - Results are unfiltered Anon Dev 11/9/17
Pro Rated Extension Till 01 April 2018 Vittorio Aquino 11/9/17
Customize result page Juan-yo 11/9/17
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