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Remove unwanted ads, block popups and get rid of Malware on Chrome Kameron M 9/2/16
Google sites [Gmail, Drive, search, etc] will *not* open in Chrome Daniel Schoettmer 6:34 PM
Help with security Herold Baber 6:31 PM
Unable to download Google Drive files LNERMALLARD4468 5:41 PM
Crunchyroll virus Big Donger 5:04 PM
How Can I Stay Signed In? Salvador3 4:59 PM
Anyone keeps randomly getting devlisa.com or revekit.com for speedtest.net ad? 8-bit 4:20 PM
Keep getting 'page not private' Jade Anderson 3:53 PM
Search is broken. same in beta. Return does not complete powrslave 3:32 PM
xfinity Randy Pomeroy 3:16 PM
How to bring Chrome extension shortcuts into the Web App launcher? UserX 4:36 PM
My chrome is in German Boris Ikv 4:58 PM
Crime in progress i am taking screenshots for proof of this report bieng made mark shallit 3:01 PM
Lost access to Chrome profiles. Kouman 2:52 PM
Google Chrome goes permanently "Aw Snap!" (on every page, even About, Settings,) Milan Berka 2:29 PM
Loading Icons Yohane 2:21 PM
Youtube will not work on Chrome Millian 2:20 PM
Sync paraphrase Miss T. R. 2:19 PM
Searching Stock Tickers Returns Untypical UI Tanner Stell 2:12 PM
Chrome keeps on crashing today Sang Son 1:59 PM
No visuals - just sound on Youtube or other video links Carol TN 12:31 PM
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