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Remove unwanted ads, block popups and get rid of Malware on Chrome Kameron M 9/2/16
Cookies earl fleer 4:30 PM
Google Chrome Being Unusable Caelan Baker 4:04 PM
how do i fix so i can get on sumdog? kita Kanavatoa kanavatoa 3:44 PM
Aw, Snap on every page Andrew Spncer 4:03 PM
I accidentally hit the "never ask" button and now the list is missing FontLady13 3:41 PM
Malicious new-tab.... smile4meep 4:04 PM
Missing Bookmarks ScubaJoy2 3:08 PM
Can't get on Chrome Cheri Engel 3:32 PM
¿porque me aparece un error 9 al actuaizar chrome? ELYEN TEJEDA 3:05 PM
Facebook thumbnails not displaying when using chrome Michael Broyer 2:39 PM
How do I restore my work computer ( and original bookmarks)to a pre-sync status? Bowen Doxsee 2:31 PM
Same chrome version, two different computers one fails to download pdf. Pontus Lundin 2:29 PM
Bug? Chrome 62.0.3202.62 1px borders disappear at some scales. joshstrike 2:16 PM
Cannot Change default search engine, possibly malware Layo1 4:07 PM
Page displays "Not secure" Why? Kim Mockbee 2:07 PM
Bookmarks manager GRDCT 1:54 PM
Chrome goes unresponsive several times a day Christopher Berger 1:48 PM
can no longer print - must save to pdf - why? Will05 2:17 PM
Chrome and Youtube Not Working Indeed 1:45 PM
I need help about phone data which is linked on google play store Nikola Radovanovic92 1:41 PM
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