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Remove unwanted ads, block popups and get rid of Malware on Chrome Kameron M 9/2/16
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Chrome will not open from desktop windows 7 shortcut.And keeps making me sign in Denise Dunn 1:28 AM
Getting ''to many redirects'' connecting to google.books on all devices Aaron Desmedt 1:15 AM
chrome or any links attached to it won't open dahszil 1:13 AM
How do I remove URL at the bottom of the screen across chrome and other browsers Shad0ww 1:14 AM
if i clicked don't open url and remember my choice, what should i do? 羅銘添 Law Ming Tim 12:52 AM
Google Chrome 58 KEYRING ISSUE in Linux Mint Camelot.Windsor 12:43 AM
Error 0x80070002 yash.chat10 1:12 AM
Weird Text Layout on Certain Websites Yaya Bootéy 12:12 AM
Grayed out buttons Jack .Alcock 2:13 AM
Google Chrome Transfer Tsmith0903 4/28/17
Google Activity Question Megan Linn 4/28/17
Scrolling went bad after upgrade to 59 Brian Zech 4/28/17
Font size for menus and tabs too small Jefff5 4/28/17
Why won't Chrome remain open? danriv66 1:16 AM
extensions are not working onit jamoh 1:50 AM
WebStore stuck Checking extensions Adam Hanrahan 1:51 AM
err_cert_invalid problem accessing certain webpages with Chrome Brandon Horii 4/28/17
when iopened up my screen is funky colors, mostly pik..hardly read anything Helen wakefield 4/28/17
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