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Chrome support for NPAPI plugins no longer available Sarah Dee 5/25/15
How to Help with the Aw, Snap! Error Kameron M 5/25/15
Update Error? Get the Latest Version with These Tips. Kameron M 5/25/15
Did your homepage, search engine or Chrome settings change? Sarah Dee 5/25/15
Protecting Chrome users from malicious extensions on all channels of Windows/Mac Kameron M 5/25/15
Java Plugins disappear after new Chrome update to Version 42.0.2311.90 m Cag92101 2:46 AM
hi i would like access my facebook account into the chrome sindiswa petse 2:45 AM
My saved password for some of the site seems to be not available in manage passw Prabakaran Subramani 2:39 AM
Embedded videos non-existant Shmiddy McShmiddington 2:37 AM
Issues with Flash? Problems with Adobe Flash or YouTube Videos? Sarah Dee 2:32 AM
Chrome Won’t Open? Can’t Start? Isn’t Launching? Sarah Dee 2:22 AM
Cant print from Chrome Edward Heathcote 2:15 AM
Can’t install or download an extension on Chrome? Sarah Dee 2:10 AM
How do I get rid of the trackid=?sp006 from my search Brocolli123 2:03 AM
My Settings Page is Blank XJadynX 2:02 AM
Keyboard shortcut for Euros - Works in one account, not the other. Ryan Opaz 2:02 AM
Google chrome is crashing on uploading muzammalpk 1:54 AM
I experience a copy highlight bug. Ane be nemen 1:51 AM
Chrome Cache problem Christopher W Baker 1:45 AM
security check Eric Athroll 1:43 AM
Pictures look like crap in chrome cris ardelean 1:42 AM
How can I bring back the old and much better view of Bookmarks Manager ??? Velio Manev 1:34 AM
Having problem to open Chrome Uri Yulish 1:33 AM
Where have my favorites gone!!!????? Shelagh Gartner 1:32 AM
Priccemiinnus - How to remove - permanently? (spelling correct) Kupsha 1:28 AM
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