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Remove unwanted ads, block popups and get rid of Malware on Chrome Kameron M 9/2/16
Some how my account data for voice is missin Niquie Bergman 12:19 AM
New Tab search engine has defaulted to Yahoo! How to change back to Google? Tanuj GI Joshi 12:18 AM
I cant open unity in chrome anymore RealHDAndy 9/22/17
wrong/dull color on Chrome 61 DummyPLUG 9/22/17
Search results - confusing gilly gamer 9/22/17
How do I get rid of Chromium off my computer? Mike Dalins 9/22/17
Startup pages not opening with Ephemeral Mode jjh0142 9/22/17
Bug keeps pooing up while using google chrome Desarie Williams 9/22/17
I can't download anything from chrome. Smera Ram 9/22/17
Can't log into any google related web with Chrome SY Zheng 9/22/17
unable to install Google Chrome Manjeet Thadani 9/22/17
Chrome is slow program itself after reopen closed tabs somebodyhelp 9/22/17
Whenever I open pagalworld. It's not opening Vaidehi Upadhyaya 9/22/17
Google chrome won't closes itself upon startup bluekeybord 9/22/17
My drop down menus are suddenly not working - they only flash and disappear. gkDavis 9/22/17
Why are bookmark titles in the bar spaced out from the icon? neilbalch 9/22/17
Profile Picture Issues Kollier 9/22/17
Uninstall chrome not working Jimmy Parikh 9/22/17
How do I download Chrome to my MacBook Air? larwos 9/22/17
search results list highlights gj16 9/22/17
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