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Keeping multiple Google Chrome bookmarks backup copies Boris Gvozdev 7/22/16
Element Div is not display when place before ajax request with out time delay bhavin.panara 7/22/16
Bug: New Chrome Release 52.0.2743.82 Doesn't reopen pages where left on Linux Ahmad Darwiche 7/24/16
Problems with Google Chrome 52.0.2743.82-1 on Linux Debian Inconspicuoso 7/24/16
net err_cert_common_name_invalid only on google.com Caleb Fu 7/23/16
Backspace not working anymore?! epoxxy 7/21/16
Dropdown menus don't work on Chrome 51 merx1 7/21/16
Google Cast pilotgi 7/21/16
Signed out of Google account when dual booting between Linux and Windows. mike lojkovic 7/22/16
the gun BeerasSugan 7/19/16
How work --user-data-dir option NT Man 7/22/16
Legacy version 34 stopped working Juan Meneses 7/26/16
Last version of Chrome for openSUSE 12.3 SlawKo@openSUSE 7/19/16
Datalists broken again StruddysIT 7/25/16
No sound & Screen flickering issues Rafael Campanari 7/18/16
Disable data saver on specific website(s) Jan Hasebos 7/18/16
Opening Chrome restores last browsing session, instead of opening home page. Anonymous5187 7/22/16
Netflix App Broken Pat Wilke 7/17/16
The querySelector has a bug Byron Rios 7/17/16
Chrome signing me out of gmail and disabling bookmarks thmsfld01 7/16/16
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