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Chrome 66 crashing and using all resources on Fedora 27. Core dumps. Hangs GDM RobbieTheK 4/24/18
Can you please fire the guy who is responsible for two anti-features in the linux version of chrome? Kaan T 4/19/18
How can i change the default way to open sip protocol on a google chrome link? Rodrigo Castelani 4/19/18
How to get rid of cache? Alex Ryumin 4/19/18
Chrome detected unusual code on this page and blocked it to protect your persona vancelmv 4/19/18
Download Current version baby-cakes 4/17/18
google.ch - WEAK_SIGNATURE - GlobalSIgn certificate in chain is REVOKED! Cédric D. 4/17/18
Product Enhancement Suggestion jai bharathi 4/17/18
I'm sure it's been said many times.. but this is ridiculous, why? Scott Winters 4/17/18
Chrome Remote Desktop making a "seperate display" djtravz 4/16/18
how to test chrome extension options page conor s 4/15/18
Everytime I run Chrome, it calls to system (ubuntu) dialog to enter password. Podvolecký Jiří 4/15/18
need help with understanding how to recover my own account Drinadrins Escobedo 4/15/18
Installed without any problems, but Chrome won't run or even load. Chuck Pergiel 4/16/18
Chrome and chrome-beta do not start on Linux unless config files are deleted. Alexandra Pedro 4/19/18
Why am i blue? Alex Jowsey 4/13/18
ERR_FAILED webpage on local network Davide Desirello 4/15/18
Chrome won’t launch Vineet Singh 4/13/18
Ugly title bar icons on chrome 65 Matt Diamond17 4/12/18
I can't authenticate on Google using Chrome & other derivatives (Chromium/Opera) Paulo Fessel 4/12/18
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