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ik heb n belangrijk vraag Natascha Hofmann 7/12/17
Feature Request: Hide interface (buttons, address) when not fullscreen Lachlan Moss 7/12/17
NET::ERR_CERT_WEAK_SIGNATURE_ALGORITHM Ritesh Tiwari Chrome Issue 7/12/17
flickering graphical glitch in Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya bobolopop 7/10/17
Wellsfargo Logs Out When I select Acount Ray2047 7/10/17
Webcam note working on new Version jobdrb 7/10/17
Chromium Crash on startup Rick Zollner 7/10/17
"Reset Chrome" crashed Chrome SteveS801 7/9/17
Audio not working (follow-up on a 2015 post) whippette 7/14/17
Chrome crashes on startup -- no matter what I try. Ray Morehead 7/10/17
Unresponsive Google window preventing send and receive of emails RAKircher 7/8/17
No dialog box when trying to install extensions = can't add extensions andymv 7/7/17
What happened to tabs grouped by window on the history page? greginnj 7/19/17
Webrtc Videos are pixelated in Chrome 59. Amiya S. 7/6/17
Chrome crashes on start / Linux Mint 17.3 Michał Piekny 7/12/17
Chrome wont start Newton Nenz 7/5/17
Here's how to change your Google productforums avatar PeterJB 7/5/17
Command Bar Maggie Morse 7/4/17
Chrome for some reason will not show the last search results Ojblaze Fly 7/3/17
Chrome settings 'page unresponsive' zaphod_es 7/3/17
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