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Chrome renders without titlebar. rew 12/5/16
make address bar larger drufus 12/3/16
Someone synced my account Bruno Thompson 12/3/16
cannot load m3u8 crossdomain access denied Jim the-rigit-hurler Clark 12/4/16
I installed pepper flash from synaptic, restarted chrome (linux) did not fix Jim the-rigit-hurler Clark 12/4/16
crossdomain access denied Jim the-rigit-hurler Clark 12/4/16
FIDO U2F NFC Security Key dreweinhorn 12/4/16
google-chrome completely locked by a popup Clark999 12/2/16
"Ctrl - +" zoom keyboard shortcut doesn't work on Swiss-french keyboard layout. davidivad 12/2/16
Where I can find md5 or/and sha1/sha256 for deb package of google-chrome-stable Alex Domoradov 12/2/16
Ubuntu Chrome 54.0.2840.100 (64-bit) flash player is out of date Kerl.d.w 12/2/16
This is what we are, guest Code in a Virtual Machine.Google debugger:///VM311 R3TR0 12/2/16
Apps Extension not working and unable to add extension or services to Chromium Lloyd Hayes 12/6/16
Even though I am trying to log in to gmail, chrome giving security warning about gmail site insecure Devendra Satbhai 12/1/16
Chrome crashes on me Odysseus Maximus 12/1/16
Syncing Chromium & Chrome bookmarks between RPi & Windows 10 platforms member8765 12/7/16
After restarting , it wants passwords every time? Why ?? jikrul sayeed 12/1/16
How do I prevent Chrome/Chromium from logging my browsing activity? whynotanomynously 11/30/16
Chrome Memory Leak (Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS) jhoggood 12/9/16
Feature Suggestion - Kill tab on context menu of each tab or with shortcut key HappyDeveloper 12/5/16
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