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Chrome for linux stops functioning properly until the processes are killed George_Conklin 4/21/16
Screen flickering on Chrome on Ubuntu 16.04 Christopher Klepka 2:28 AM
Chrome Remote Desktop Linux Files? Nathanial Iannacchione 4/21/16
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Chrome crashing every 1/2 hour or so on Ubuntu 15.10 werowe 4/22/16
Reinstall Chrome 50 on ubuntu 12/14 ByJaven Gameplays 4/20/16
Extensions seem to be installed but not showing on browser neither on settings Nelios 4/20/16
Cannot Play hotstar.com videos in Google Chrome for linux Shantanu Dutta Chrome 4/28/16
Bug: Security setting blocking an image download Ali Buğdaycı 4/21/16
increase of Web address bar in Web address of chromium browser rami333 1:17 AM
why is chrome not supported in my pc ? darshil panchal 4/19/16
PPA PGP Key Signed with SHA1 Hash - Annoying Warning Messages stevecohen42 4/19/16
Chrome does not reproduce HTML5 Videos Gonzalo Sebastian 4/20/16
Chrome Remote desktop DpthsURT 4/18/16
Someone is using my name Truck it up Lets ride 4/18/16
Someone is using my name Truck it up Lets ride 4/19/16
How to install Chrome for linux on older laptop - 32-bit. Maciej Zaremba 4/18/16
Google Chrome's OS support Evan'sTechTips 2016 4/17/16
Every time when I run "sudo apt-get update" I get following error at the end Yerbolat Khassanov 4/21/16
Chrome Profile always corrups on start up. Rodney Gaines 4/17/16
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