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re Nay Phyo Aung 2/20/17
How to degrade image quality in Chrome mobile AND desktop for those on data diet juntjoo 2/20/17
Swipe Back and Forward not Working Fatih Barmanbay 2/19/17
google-chrome did not install on my linux box bvvkrishna 2/19/17
"enable remote connection" bottom is not active in Chrome Remote Desktop app ham nom 2/18/17
Your connection is not private for google.com after Chrome update Sin Cado 2/23/17
Linux: Chrome keeps forgetting all my cookies upon restart DaVince21 2/19/17
submitanyway attribute (like readonly) Ilias Seperis 2/18/17
Flicking bottom banner ads. Justin@Life 2/18/17
Chrome crashes right after the start. Andrey Pavlenko 2/22/17
"Your connection is not private" error Vytautas Vislavicius 2/20/17
2 Step verification code from a regular cellphone number? John PM 2/17/17
Bookmarks, as a newbie I'm unsure how to display/find them timmoore47 2/17/17
404 - Update impossible One S. 2/21/17
back to original details Mary Vel San Jose 2/16/17
Chrome eats all my memory ... 8GB is not enough FangQ 2/16/17
Chrome auto zooms to 200% on every page Jude Taylor_ 2/17/17
Chrome history goes to the top of the screen when I'm viewing old stuff Maximo Varela 2/17/17
Is chrome really going to stop supporting for Linux? Nguyễn Hoài Thương 2/15/17
How to Fix a Connection Is Not Private page Dana Watkin 2/14/17
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