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Cannot access to chrome://settings/syncSetup Віктор Рой 2/11/18
Latest Chrome (64.0.3282.140) uses ludicrous amounts of memory John H Winters 5:13 AM
Close tab should ACTUALLY close the tab. WarDaft 2/12/18
Chrome Crashing MichaelKC2 2/10/18
Chrome Notifications use the Chrome icon rather than correct one munkifisht 2/10/18
Undo delete thumbnail in New Tab page Kevin Lyda 2/9/18
Match patterns in Content scripts ssk181993 2/8/18
Regarding saving the links of the web pages Dilip H.N 2/8/18
i cant find any Jehovah singles defo not Nathaniel Sinclair 2/7/18
Manage Extensions on one PC without affecting other PCs , Same google account . MMLAP 2/8/18
RESOLVED An error occurred while attempting to contact J.R.Ewing 2/7/18
Chrome 63 on Linux dumps core when using --display. Gregory G. Allen 2/7/18
Chrome injecting mixpannel script with each website without user permission why? Vikash Pathak 2/8/18
Why do Chrome refuse to launch if I sign in synchronisation? rakotomandimby 2/6/18
Chrome won't open on Linux Mint when I'm signed in since update to 64 qwaal 2/10/18
suggestion only Daljeet singh 2/6/18
URL bar font size too small on 4K display HugoMaxwell 2/5/18
Can anybody help with Failed-Network Error? Darren Dubrock 2/2/18
Scroll through the list bookmarks in bookmarks bar with drag bookmark dont work. Erosanteros 2/6/18
How do I set my default account to be different for different websites? catnameddrew 2/2/18
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