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i need chrome://components: Josy umeh 2/5/16
This computer will soon stop receiving google chrome updates because this Linux Shane Sarnac 2/4/16
could not load extension from manifest file is missing or unreadable Selladurai 2/4/16
Installing Chrome on Leap (Error, not launching the app) Walddys Emmanuel Dorrejo Céspedes 2/3/16
Flash keeps stop working on Linux Ritchie Cai 2/2/16
Pop Screens have taken over my Google Chrome Paul Saums 2/2/16
I dismissed a drop down, now want it back. LAPIII 2/1/16
Unable to view videos in full screen in "New" Google+ acejavelin 2/5/16
Native "don't load tabs until selected?" Schwim Dandy 1/31/16
Get Netflix on all flavours of Linux, .rpm, .deb. .whatever. Carl Thor 1/31/16
Use Chrome to Play Amazon Video Patrick Chapman 1/31/16
Reg: readium Jaya Pramod 1/30/16
unsubcribed emails Nell C 1/30/16
Bookmark Feature Request - Linked Bookmark Folders Jambourine 1/31/16
Unable to install Chrome Remote Desktop on a RPM based Linux (openSUSE 13.2) tsu2 1/30/16
Google Chrome 64-bit Linux Ubuntu Upgrade is Broken wmfnichols 1/29/16
Automatic right click while scrolling on Ubuntu 15.04. Yokuzina 1/30/16
How to resolve connection issue in Chrome Remote Desktop Alejandro Gupta 1/28/16
Problem viewing Hulu in Chrome browser Mark Dowdey 1/29/16
Set up Chrome Remote Desktop on Debian 8 Xfce4 Mathieu R 1/28/16
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