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Feature request: auto-restore tabs if "continue where left off" is selected ᅚᅚᅚᅚ 8:57 AM
New Feature: Filtering and grouping of items on chrome://flags page JoBrad 7:53 AM
Help Casey Christopher 5:33 AM
Help Casey Christopher 5:33 AM
simplify everything pls furex eng 1:25 AM
Hyperlink does not open in google chrome while accurately open in google chrome onlinesamad 12:03 AM
Chrome constantly flickering. eager1 6:18 AM
Windows 7Pro free download? Barry Melly 11/29/15
Gmail blurred and blank Richard DeLuca 8:15 AM
Why is my upto date chrome missing "Widevine Content Decryption Module" plugin. James Kinge 3:45 AM
Password for "Switch Person" Eric de Guzman 11/29/15
Facebook Not Open Shafiqul Isalm 8:59 AM
How can I set a custom list of zoom levels? Tikhon Tarnavsky 11/29/15
My connection isn't private? mrmax92i 11/29/15
please add feature of resuming while downloading via chrome vishal tomar 11/29/15
[Keyboard Shortcut] Navigate forward or backward in new tab El Debtor 11/29/15
i uninstalled it. but in task manager i can still see it running Azher Vengara 8:18 AM
What the fuck? Legit Bytes 11/28/15
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