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no shortcut key for NEXT PAGE/PREVIOUS PAGE of google search results? Lance Chong 7:36 AM
unable to load any pages Jeson Kh. 8:22 AM
Need to see data uri martinez 8:01 AM
Feature request Charlie Shelley 8:06 AM
Please PLEASE let me keep the Chrome App Launcher pyroball 12:52 AM
My facebook is appearing like this.I have cleared the history .0nly for chrome Sithara Lakshani 5/27/16
I need my facebook confirmation code Jane Vella i need help my facebook acccount 3:22 AM
Incognito mode saves regular browser history... NKJG 11:31 AM
Sent this to security team, they said to post here. Detoor 3:25 AM
Add functionality to rename browser tab or window Lawrence Esterlen 8:35 AM
Bookmark Bar: Suggestion: New Feature: Add a search feature on bookmark bar. Search Google or Type URL 8:55 AM
To a Design Engineer: Zac Bol 5/27/16
how do i delete the email i put to get imto facebook Denisse Montes 5/27/16
pls help phone keeps saying I must update browser but I can't download given options of google Warren Dean Piet 5/26/16
Tabs on the right Lich404 5/26/16
If you share a computer "with" someone on a regular basis, Bridgit Collins 5/26/16
CTRL + TAB Tetraman 5/27/16
No Vista Chrome? Goodbye Google. Mike Kanarek 5/26/16
2 points here(basic ones actually)_search functionality and the update log Neal Roger 5/27/16
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