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Feature Request: Stop Load on tab Codecharmer 7:52 AM
I am quitting Chrome due to disabling of backspace back function aab1 1:02 AM
pozzpha 77 pozz pha 8/24/16
Xcbbn Gsb Gshgcf 8/24/16
Youtube Sweeneys vlogs 8/24/16
I loved this flag on old chrome Burkus 8/24/16
Feature-Request Xc Fp 8/24/16
Feature Suggestion - Temporary Caching Long Texts as they're typed Erman Akbay 8/24/16
help me Mohammed Khair Majdalany 8/24/16
Help me Mohammed Khair Majdalany 8/24/16
Disable "scroll gestures" for Windows wanderr 8/24/16
Is there a way to change the language? Cheyenne Gebo 8/24/16
looking for a man who wants to give me pleasure, love, and may be marrying Clara jane 8/24/16
Restoring tabs after connecting to other network Bernard Bieg 8/24/16
thumbnails SETH CARR 7:28 AM
Extension to revert the annoying removal of the backspace functionality MarsVolta 8/24/16
i have mistakenly clear all my data/password from my google chrom? Jhon Carter 8/24/16
Fys Mamairajawali86 0148953435 8/23/16
Why has the topic of why can't we make request desktop permanent been addressed? Darcy Wine 8/24/16
Alt+F, C Robert Kruger 8/24/16
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