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Welcome to the Google Chrome Help Forum

Welcome to the Google Chrome Forum! Our user-to-user community is a hub for you to search for answers to questions, to ask more questions, and to help each other out. You can also give feedback on Chrome features and to connect with other Chromies like yourselves--especially watch out for users with the  Rising Star and  Top Contributor badges; these are our forum and Chrome veterans!

So, how can you get the most out of the Chrome Forum?

1. Search Search Search. It’s very possible that other users have the same questions as you. The search bar is your friend -- if you find a relevant thread that’s already started, you can add your specific details right there and you might even find the answer to your question, without even having to post. You can also search in our Chrome Help Center to see if you can find your answer in there.

2. Save Yourself Some Time with These Tips. If you post a question about an issue you’re having, helpers on the thread will likely need to ask you if you’ve tried basic troubleshooting steps. The most basic troubleshooting steps are right here, posted courtesy of our Top Contributor David King -- try them before posting and, if you still have the issue, include in your post the steps that you tried.

3. Go on, explore! Search your question, add a post, answer other questions (just make sure to follow these guidelines and Terms of Service
). We’re excited you’re here!

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