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New to Chrome or have questions? Get started here! david.king 9/29/15
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Chrome Issues Nickpd1981 2:52 PM
Untitled page no matter what please help Dakota Salloum 2:00 PM
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Bookmarks and extensions synchronisation issue Svetlana Antonova 12:57 PM
Silently and remotely stop chrome updates BradRabe 12:41 PM
How-disable auto updates and defer updates until I am on a non metered network. Kevin Schmaltz 12:32 PM
Adobe flash problem Stephen Obermaier 12:04 PM
regional settings when i open chrome as my home page. terd bucket 11:56 AM
am hungy Anoneymouse 11:23 AM
Chrome suddenly readable on 1080p in Windows 10. fivins 11:44 AM
How do I disable the autofillin from google searchbar Jonathan van der Meulen 10:45 AM
Facebook problem avinasht1236 10:14 AM
http://8.xhcdn.com/key=ZpK5Y1iWl+8ELOZk-hT0pQ,end=1477387871,limit=3/data=104.24 Charles Cogman 9:48 AM
The bookmark bar and everything is suddenly zoomed in Alex Zexis 10:49 AM
'Clear all' button "hidden" AnnoyedChromeUser 9:02 AM
Voice Search Engine button/icon avsk 7:28 AM
Is it possible to change the browsers colour of the serach bar on Chrome? MuffinManxD 6:35 AM
Downloaded documents in an unreadable font Linda Scharbach 6:34 AM
How can I remove Yahoo as my default search? CA Davis 6:24 AM
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