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New to Chrome or have questions? Get started here! david.king 9/29/15
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How to change mousepad page resize to touch zoom Maxwell Greenwood 7/26/16
Uploading documents to blogger Hernando Esquivel 5:30 AM
Stop the cursor from going to search boxes Mouse cursor 1:50 AM
Netflix will not pause on mac using chrome. Patt W 7/26/16
Stop Chrome from auto-maximizing tabs pulled into new windows Nic Harding 7/26/16
Google Incognito Mode Madushan Snop 7/26/16
I will use it Tyrone Mccoy 7/26/16
Wrong location on computer using Google Chrome LesleyVictoria 7/26/16
Where is the 'File, View, Edit, Help' toolbar??? Jim Young Sr 7/26/16
How do I identify if someone has been synced to my laptop, seeing everything? Rene Ramos 7/26/16
How to copy and paste Nikki Obrien 7/26/16
I don't want my phone to sync with work Chrome Andre Rosteing 7/26/16
Kielen vaihto. Håkan Blomqvist 7/26/16
How to I retrieve deleted photos? Is there no recycle bin? Louise Williamson 7/26/16
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