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Remove unwanted ads, block popups and get rid of Malware on Chrome Kameron M 9/2/16
New to Chrome or have questions? Get started here! david.king 9/29/15
Arrow, Refresh and Home buttons are gray Andrei Burnin 7:29 PM
Deleted Bookmarks Mr OakleafWolf 7:26 PM
Chrome keeps freezing again. Dan Dube 7:25 PM
Google Chrome Freezes Briefly and randomly RAFTERMANNZ 7:25 PM
How come google does not see that i have a webcam? Mattattack01 7:23 PM
How to remove Chrome malware acfsIwhNdga-form Gim Nguyễn 7:21 PM
How to save set pages in Settings Cinnabar 7:18 PM
Webpages won't load in Chrome (waiting for...) Bruce Field 7:17 PM
Chrome browser hang-up issue MdShariqueAquil 7:14 PM
Can't stream anything on chrome, but can on Safari. Sloan78 7:13 PM
all my bookmarks in chrome suddenly FUCKING disappeared WTF Fred Grosselfuenger 7:12 PM
Have lost pictures under tiles even though the icon is there Sandra Gavino 7:08 PM
hlep Yousef Khedewi 7:05 PM
gradeup.co is not opening on my computer showing that it is not secure Jayanti Bhowmick 7:04 PM
Why are my tabs glowing and how do I make it so they stop. Thanks. Karan Ajitaprasad 7:02 PM
computer not recognizing Adobe online Janeiro Meosa 7:01 PM
I have been hacked! Everything was saved thanks to microsoft, but.... Wendell Spencer 7:01 PM
360 Videos are not working at all! Islam shabana 6:51 PM
Error Code 800A03F6 Donald Quass 6:51 PM
Why does Chrome sign me out? Kevin McCarter 6:50 PM
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