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Remove unwanted ads, block popups and get rid of Malware on Chrome Kameron M - Community Manager 2:53 AM
Updates to Chrome platform support david.king 2/1/16
New to Chrome or have questions? Get started here! david.king 9/29/15
autofill displays someone else's username alexgzandra 7:07 AM
Spell check dictionary download failed.... John Gieler 7:06 AM
Restore an Old Theme Michaela Boyle 7:04 AM
Someone else's email on my account, password changed. callumevans5 7:02 AM
chrome alwaya shows there is no internet connection but firefox is running fine Rahul rpg 7:01 AM
Why the @#$%^ does Chrome NOT clear cach/cookies?!?!? ansonee 6:59 AM
Crome getting closed automatically Kishnu 6:59 AM
Chrome Won't Open or Launch? Try These Suggestions. Kameron M - Community Manager 6:58 AM
Opening PDF from the clouds James Walker JR 6:58 AM
meelopende data Peter Steinmeijer 6:56 AM
Home Page hookc 6:54 AM
how to change font and font size of tabs and bookmarks chrome bdon91 6:53 AM
So where's the Chrome flag to RE-ENABLE BACKSPACE going back a page again?!? dnbdave 6:49 AM
Unable to select installation language Pi**ed Off user! 6:49 AM
Removing predictions from my bookmarks in the omnibox Mahen K 6:48 AM
Chrome is displaying the airfare in Indian Rupees and not in USD. Narmada Balakrishnan 6:43 AM
Chrome Tabs Transparent, Blend into Desktop, Can't Read Them Elana DeLozier 6:42 AM
Getting Chrome to make Favicons on my desktop KWCarter 6:39 AM
I have the following question with google crome ROCKMARTINE 6:38 AM
After Chrome update, some fonts replaced with what looks like Univers. bmweber 6:33 AM
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