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Google Chat

We've decided to close this community to new posts in order to focus on Hangouts, our one unified communications product. 

Since the Chat forum is now in a Read Only state, you can still search here for answers to issues or questions similar to your own.

  • If you'd like to discuss or get support for the new Hangouts, you can visit the Help Center or our forum community
  • Gmail users: If your question is not specifically about Google Chat, please post it in the Gmail Help Forum instead.
  • If you have questions related to old Chat in Gmail, please visit our Help Center
    • Please direct any privacy/security concerns related to old Chat in Gmail to the Hangouts forum under these topic categories: I found a bug > Messaging > Gmail.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Chat Forum over the years.

Google Community Manager

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If your question is regarding a technical issue, please check out the following information and troubleshooting TIPS:
- Did you try another browser? 
- Did you clear browser cache & cookies
- Did you try disabling all browser extensions/add-ons (or try an incognito browser)?
- Did you try manually updating/installing the plugin?
- Do you meet the minimum requirements?
- Did you check out our Known Issues page?

I'm a developer.

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