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Hi, When I choose an "event flair" it was updated but doesn't appears on the "event".thanks Anador 4/17/14
Can I repeat events yearly by the Hebrew date? [email address] 11:54 AM
Reminder and Notification by SMS for the mobile phone Mohamed Mohd Salleh 9:39 AM
Calendar Set up Help needed for multiple people to use Jenni K 1:47 AM
Calendar Suggestion Jason Nahorney 12:15 AM
Attach email to calendar event Rattle 12:11 AM
default display Jennifer Berke 4/22/14
Easier way to create irregular repeating shifts? Yet? bmccanse 4/22/14
Please allow scrolling the calendar by week instead of month. Kurt Overkamp 4/22/14
Can I see what day and time and event was created? Jessica Hilton 4/22/14
suck it Asmir Husic 4/22/14
School holidays Petra Rietze 4/22/14
Appointment Slot "Buffer" ... Ideas on how to cushion last minute requests... ...dgg 4/21/14
can you add English school holidays in Google Calendar jsknight1000 4/21/14
can you go to a specific day in google calendar? jsknight1000 4/21/14
Is there a way to change the default calendar in "My Calendars" Steve Bowen 4/21/14
Default all new events with a Guest Hector Reyes 4/21/14
Date Stamp on printing Calendar COLLEEN STOVALL 4/21/14
how to delete my primary calendar ?? Realtor Sindy 4/21/14
Quick Toggle Show/Hide Events I've Declined - any workarounds? aolafsson 4/20/14
Calendar is non responsive in Chrome but works on IE??? TAHJAK 4/20/14
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