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Introducing the new Google Calendar app for Android Alice - Community Manager 1/14/16
icons / event flairs Trudi Shiu 11/5/14
Election Day sferguson 11/3/14
Request a separate calender that is "layered" on top the existing calendar madcapfox 11/3/14
Darker background color Niels Brolund 11/2/14
Show end times in month view Megan S. Lyczak 11/2/14
Hiding just one event from others' calendars? Max G 12/9/14
Can you put "Diary Section" on every single date left or right side? Joon Ho Han 11/2/14
Can you add a tag-kinds of icon on even(subject) when we put attached file Joon Ho Han 11/2/14
Mini Month Calendar Chemin Reed 11/25/14
Suggestion: Yearly events option for X day of the week in X month every year. magnolia s 11/1/14
Google Calendar vicky wood 10/31/14
How can I set working hours on google Calender Alona 10/31/14
why does the World Clock widget show incorrect times? Teemu Leisti 1/30/15
When I make follow up appointments there is no prompting Guy Bennett 10/30/14
I would like to highlight event and get a complete description. Service HPSPIPE 10/30/14
Could you improve the google calendar tasks to receive more fields? Rui Botelho 10/30/14
Feature request: Canceled Events (as opposed to Deleted Events) GFCDS 11/18/14
Google Calendar Jean DiLeonardo 10/30/14
Printing Wrong Time Zone J Byrnes 10/30/14
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