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Introducing the new Google Calendar app for Android Alice - Community Manager 3/1/15
We really need a year planner view in Calendar. When? Piers Ross 10:37 AM
google calender - Time Travel Jacob Hoffman 8:40 AM
Can the calendar show the start AND end time on the month view? Earl Bellinger 8:19 AM
Show location for event on the calendar Ryan Mansfield 4:33 AM
Add more event colors on calendar? Jessie Usagi 2/27/15
Lab integrating Google Keep and Google Calendar Dr. Digital 2/25/15
+1 If you want Custom Repeat Option or More Options on Alternative Calendar ptsome110 2/25/15
Show event's description in a view olafbond 2/23/15
Appointment slots/google calendar: The page at https://www.google.com says... bpugh2 2/18/15
Allow mini calendar to show more than one month at a time Andy Petranek 2/18/15
Lab Suggestion : deeper color coding for events on calendar hj808 2/17/15
Quick Add events added in the past by default hughworm 2/17/15
copy and paste calendar events Thomas Gimpel 2/17/15
show all calendar search results tcirillo 2/12/15
Drag and drop an all day event to a time slot johnathanc 2/10/15
Please add a Countdown to event feature Kristen Dandar 2/9/15
Choose where to put the cut(s) when printing a week in Google Calendar Pierre-Louis Valkenborgh 2/9/15
What about calendar THEMES, just like gmail? DJ River 2/9/15
I can't print full view of calendar, bottom of calendar is cut off. mlmsasha 2/8/15
Гугл Календарь - Отражение номера дня, недели и месяца Михаил Стаканов 2/7/15
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