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Hi, When I choose an "event flair" it was updated but doesn't appears on the "event".thanks Anador 4/17/14
Can the calendar show the start AND end time on the month view? Earl Bellinger 5:00 AM
希望能增加設定華人區農曆的每個年度節日的設定 Yuan Wu 4/17/14
family photos Susan Hill2 4/17/14
Enhancement: Allow user to comment when declining an invite RSTONE_CA 4/17/14
Why is the search so bad? Isn't this created by a search giant? davidga0001 4/17/14
Need to use Week Numbers on Google Calendar Serap Sabah 4/17/14
School holidays Petra Rietze 4/17/14
Is it possible to set the view to more than 4 weeks (i.e. 6-12 weeks)? Christoph Stangl 4/16/14
Unable to navigate to edit calendar Julie Friedman 4/16/14
Change background color for 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, for example? FeliciaC 4/16/14
calendar widget Dillon Glatthar 4/16/14
Can I sort calendar items by colour? Orford Dabchick 4/16/14
calendar printable drew hugh 4/16/14
Google calendar is showing the wrong date for a Jewish Holiday, how do I fix it? Synagogue Office Manager 4/16/14
Does Calendar keep drafts for notes like GMail keeps emails in progress? Deb Shemwell 4/16/14
please include Event Descriptions in Agenda view? Rob Walters 4/16/14
option to delete events Pedro 4/16/14
why do not include google calendar into gmail? Manuel Carrasco 4/16/14
Versions history Maxime Origas 4/16/14
Automatic age calculating with birthdays J. Slegers 4/16/14
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