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Please allow months to scroll by weeks (more smoothly) DBooth 4/23/15
smooth scrolling from week to week in MONTH view, with no abrupt jump because day is a 1 instead of a 31 jimmykneex 4/23/15
Need ability to set default for Busy/Available for calendar events. William Curtice 4/16/15
Recovering unsubscribed secondary calendar Marina Stuff From Mars 4/15/15
Add travel time to calendar items rmdegennaro 4/13/15
For college sports calendars show school name rather than mascot TooManyRebels 4/8/15
Edit guest responses Kirk Ward 4/7/15
How to hide/remove holidays from primary calendar ATC7 4/6/15
Can we have a Year View, Two Month View, 5 week, etc in Google Calendar, please? kulaspg 4/2/15
Feature request: Google Calendar as a CalDAV *client* androiduser42 3/30/15
In tasks, please sort the tasks alphabetically. Outlook does it and I really miss it in Google tasks. sloboda.home 3/25/15
Please implement auto-save or event drafts for calendar events!! j w m 3/24/15
Ability to display all calendars after displaying only one calendar Glenlan 3/23/15
Google Calendar and World Clock Lab not playing nice with DST change Ilya Kern 3/23/15
Disable all time zones dbgerhard 3/17/15
Undo calendar import / delete all search results at once JanDeVries 3/7/15
Why does it take so long for Google Calendar to refresh iCal links? thpope 3/5/15
Support for Rich Text Format (RTF) in Calendar description hazymat 3/5/15
Calendar blocks per 15 minutes? Wieling 3/5/15
I cant get rid of the stupid task list on my calendar Arctic Chiropractic Bethel Massage Therapists 2/27/15
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