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Calendar not loading

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My windows 10 updated last night and now I cannot open my google calendar. Madeline Fostveit 9/28/16
Calendar does not show the normal Connie Gaede 9/27/16
All my calendar items have disappeared! shelly dressel 9/28/16
Google Calendar - STATUS "Temp Unavailable" for 2 days now! Shine Social Nights 9/25/16
Some football teams are missing at interesting calendars to follow... Dimitris Koutouzos 9/25/16
why,? Search of the calendar is no longer in the banner. Schedule registered in チームテルミン 9/24/16
Calendar issues Wellmark Ymca 9/24/16
My device Georgette Sultan 9/23/16
HELLLLPPPPP christina5635 9/23/16
Google Calendar failing to load after Microsoft upgrade dagger16 9/27/16
Where's my calendar? laste70 9/22/16
wont load standard view Marble Works 9/23/16
Google Calendar is sluggish since updating to iOS10 in iphone 6s plus SF Wolverine 9/23/16
Import not working Taylor Fla 9/24/16
Calendar Lost Ilene Cohen 9/21/16
Google Calendar taking 5+min to open on desktop Nicole Hamilton 9/26/16
Google calendar extremely slow on desktop Nicole Hamilton 9/21/16
Can't see the calendar I added on PC in the app. Jeremy Schulz 9/22/16
Calendar disappeared Christina L. Winnicker 9/22/16
Windows 10 updated and Google calendar does not load any more. Malcolm Handyside 9/21/16
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