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Google and Your Business

Welcome to the Google and Your Business forum! Here you can discuss with other users how to get the most out of Google for your business. Ask questions, exchange tips and tricks, brainstorm feature ideas, and troubleshoot your technical issues for products including Google Places for business, offers coupons, AdWords Express and local search. From time to time, Googlers will jump in, but keep an eye out for Top Contributors, our most devoted and helpful community volunteers. Have a technical issue? Get in touch with our support team via these forms and we'll e-mail you back (give us a few days): And before posting a question, please check out these helpful resources (we've likely covered your q already):

Technical issue?

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Google Places Issues ddischler 4/18/14
Unable to post the physical address of my business General Atronics 4/18/14
SEO Service in Mumbai Page is Not Activate in Google+ saroj suraj 4/18/14
Our listing including 20 user reviews completely disappeard on Google places Roman Sobotka 4/18/14
My Google+ local page has the wrong address. That is automatically changed by Google. I edited lot of time to correct answer but it is not shown. Please advice..... Rasa Marketting 4/18/14
Removed Google Places listing. Can we get it verified with existing G+ page Christa Tani 4/17/14
Google+ keeps saying there is another business page created with the same address I am trying to create mine with. Chris Johns DDS 4/17/14
I've changed the business on my address, how do I change or delete the previous review to the current one? Orna Binder 4/17/14
Reviews are disappearing Blake Matthews 4/17/14
Google Places ConAm 4/17/14
Dashboard Add Another Category John Owles 4/17/14
incorrect infor on google hotel finder for Crowne Plaza Moncton Downtown julienj 4/17/14
We're not showing this page because it's a duplicate of another problem John A Cove 4/17/14
Uploaded videos but the Videos tab leads to "You do not have any videos shared in Google+." PaulJoel 4/17/14
Google+ Business Page gives 404 Stefan Jakubowski 4/17/14
Business addresses already in Google Places. Don't know who added them and can't contact. Thomas S. 4/17/14
There is a review on our "Places" site that we would like to respond to because we suspect the contributor is writing about a different hotel. The reason we suspect this is because we have no record of ever having the issue that is posted. Stevan Overby 4/17/14
How to Edit/Change Incorrect G+ Local Page PreApproved URL? Orion Group 4/17/14
I cannot edit my Google + URL from the beginning Nuans Publishing & Bookstore 4/17/14
Google Translate Widget SecurityError David Duke 4/16/14
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