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Technical issue?

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Google My Bus. Location Error Twin Cities Orthopedics 11/4/15
Google keeps trying to 'correct' changes? Catking 11/4/15
don't have access to google my business Haoyu Xu 11/3/15
Wrong Phone Number Displayed-Dentists in Citrus Springs, FL Victor Beliveau 11/3/15
Delete Google + Account Dominion Pardons & Waivers 11/3/15
my business is not appearing on google maps Mohammad Askar Patel 11/3/15
[SOLVED] Our Main Google+ Page isn't displaying on Google Results CallumDS 11/3/15
Social Advisor says we cant link YouTube to G+, is this true? Alyson Levy 11/4/15
"Inferior" business info being used in Knowledge Graph/Panel. How to fix? Scott Witte 11/2/15
Cannot get the right URL for Google+ and YouTube Account Dale Nguyen 11/2/15
Google will not accept pin on map, which is correct! Vicki Nason 11/2/15
I don't have no business account removed it all of my information some put off and removed me and i't delete everything of my old b! do not have no address I don't have any address removed that's in Google I talked to you all I told them take mme Richard Molinar 11/1/15
Wrong (old) address linked to my name when googled! Kevin Kempers 11/1/15
How do I hide history Wanda's son In law 11/1/15
someone using my photos Artemis Aravantinos 11/1/15
I can't reset my password by account recovery form Fyred Sung 11/4/15
suspended account tom gaffigan 11/1/15
I can't very my business TeodoroLopez 10/30/15
I have a customer that recently noticed they had a quote on their Google My Business page in the review summary box directly under the star rating that looks to be from Google. However, this review is not very reflective of their business. HELP Powersports Marketing 10/30/15
I can not get any response on the gmail forum so maybe someone here can help Cameron Estes 11/1/15
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