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Welcome to the Google and Your Business forum! Here you can discuss with other users how to get the most out of Google for your business. Ask questions, exchange tips and tricks, brainstorm feature ideas, and troubleshoot your technical issues for products including Google My Business, Google Hotel Finder, AdWords Express and local search. From time to time, Googlers will jump in, but keep an eye out for Top Contributors, our most devoted and helpful community volunteers. Have a technical issue? Get in touch with our support team via these forms and we'll e-mail you back (give us a few days): And before posting a question, please check out these helpful resources (we've likely covered your q already):

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Reminder: Soliciting business in the Help forum is against posting guidelines vanessagene 5/1/12
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They're here to help: Meet our forum Top Contributors vanessagene 3/12/12
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Hi Guys, Is there any differences between Google Local Page and Google Plus Page? S M Monzurul Hasan 10:13 PM
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How could I more.........be and more for all of you seem propole........ Elsie Barone 9:03 PM
Best way to remove listings and addresses VR RobY 8:36 PM
Google contacts not dialing without google hangouts Michael Gibouleau 8:16 PM
Sold business, how to change contact info in search results Travis Swifty 8:01 PM
how to put multiple places on a map MissTyler Tyler 8:02 PM
Google+ Page Mustafa Filiz 6:27 PM
Migrating to Google Apps for Non-Porfits Steven Henson 6:00 PM
Remove Business Location from our address Kensington Park 5:50 PM
Client Migrating to Google Apps for Business - Email Issue Steven Henson 5:42 PM
I own a google page but appears like it's not mine Foxy Media Agency 5:36 PM
A review I posted for a law firm is not showing up. Robert Toon 5:13 PM
"Your page has been blocked since it has been identified as possible spam. To unblock your page, please verify it." Tom - CWSD 4:11 PM
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