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Welcome to the Google and Your Business forum! Here you can discuss with other users how to get the most out of Google for your business. Ask questions, exchange tips and tricks, brainstorm feature ideas, and troubleshoot your technical issues for products including Google My Business, Google Hotel Finder, AdWords Express and local search. From time to time, Googlers will jump in, but keep an eye out for Top Contributors, our most devoted and helpful community volunteers. Have a technical issue? Get in touch with our support team via these forms and we'll e-mail you back (give us a few days): And before posting a question, please check out these helpful resources (we've likely covered your q already):

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Technical issues with reviews? Read this first. Jade W. 5/16/13
Tips for a Safe Google Listing Jade W. 4/8/13
Reminder: Soliciting business in the Help forum is against posting guidelines vanessagene 5/1/12
The "Best Answer" button - Use it! vanessagene 4/9/12
They're here to help: Meet our forum Top Contributors vanessagene 3/12/12
Was my account hacked?! markoko 7:04 AM
Need to update map content Karthi4mca 6:37 AM
My page has been suspended and G+ is asking me to remove all the NSFW content before they reviews it, but I don't see any posts... Amanda Sweet 6:47 AM
How to verify my Google Business page? Mdept 6:44 AM
Competitor has multiple google+ local listings same address what can I do? Custom Awnings 6:37 AM
Why aren't my requests for fixing google maps responded to? Absolute Return Solutions 6:21 AM
Google Plus Customer Review Vanished without explanation... William (Bill) F. Gardiner 6:16 AM
My Account was suspended In And Out Bail Bonds LLC 860-970-3443 6:02 AM
Help with Google places listing! Niall Parkinson 5:58 AM
Sorry we are having some issues right now please try later kooga5538 5:38 AM
Incorrect Business Data Appearing In Google Search Caspar@Cornerstone 5:11 AM
Incorrect address appear for Unley High School.. Unley High School 5:00 AM
Verification Card Number not Available Esther F. 4:38 AM
Merge and verification for Google + & Google My Business pages Coralie S 4:37 AM
My google plus page gets suspended every other day and they reinstate it just as fast. It is a quality issue??? Als Lock and Safe 4:33 AM
How to merge G+ and Google My business pages? Esther F. 4:31 AM
My business acount has been disabled ??? Văn Minh Nguyễn 4:31 AM
I can't reply to a customer's review Ho Young Cho 4:26 AM
Why can't I currently post a response to our customer's reviews? Dawn Varga 4:23 AM
Why do I need to add extra letters to the end of my custom URL to make it 'Unique' even though it is already unique and nobody else shares the same name? jrmswell 3:56 AM
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