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Google and Your Business

Welcome to the Google and Your Business forum! Here you can discuss with other users how to get the most out of Google for your business. Ask questions, exchange tips and tricks, brainstorm feature ideas, and troubleshoot your technical issues for products including Google Places for business, offers coupons, AdWords Express and local search. From time to time, Googlers will jump in, but keep an eye out for Top Contributors, our most devoted and helpful community volunteers. Have a technical issue? Get in touch with our support team via these forms and we'll e-mail you back (give us a few days): And before posting a question, please check out these helpful resources (we've likely covered your q already):

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Removing reviews from “A Zagat User” Jade W 4/23/14
Upgrades coming to bulk location management Jade W 4/7/14
500 Error when trying to verify social local Google+ page? Jade W. 4/3/14
Improvements to import in the bulk upload tool Jade W 3/26/14
Scam or not?? Jody Freeman 3/21/14
Email from Google about duplicate listing in your account Jade W 3/5/14
Clarification of Places guidelines Jade W 2/20/14
Emails from Google asking you to log in /submit Jade W 2/18/14
'No entry' symbol for missing photo's Electrician SOS 2/11/14
A few changes to page creation Jade W 2/5/14
Improvements to international categories! Jade W 1/31/14
Spam issue for some hotels in Places for Business Jade W 1/15/14
Announcing Reviews in Google Places for Business Jade W 12/17/13
Review count issue Jade W 11/13/13
About Custom URLs for Google+ pages Jade W 11/1/13
Verification available for local pages created in Google+ Jade W. 10/21/13
Calling all AdWords Express advertisers! Chinmayee H 8/29/13
Business moving address? Here's what you should do. Jade W. 7/24/13
Reviews associated with wrong listing? Ask us to move them. Jade W. 7/18/13
Technical issues with reviews? Read this first. Jade W. 7/18/13
Tips for a Safe Google Listing Jade W. 7/18/13
More details about the improved look and feel of Google Places for Business Joel_H 4/2/13
Reviews Update Dasha 7/18/13
Issues with merging the local business/place page in Google+ and the local Google+ page (with reviews)? Jade W. 7/18/13
Error when deleting review you wrote in Google+ Local iOS? [for consumers] Jade W. 7/18/13
What should I do during the upgrade to local Google+ pages? Jade W. 2/4/13
Sevice Area Business with recent "do not support this location" message? Jade W. 7/18/13
FAQ: Google+ Local [READ THIS.] vanessagene 7/18/13
Update: P.O. Box policy vanessagene 7/18/13
Reminder: Soliciting business in the Help forum is against posting guidelines vanessagene 7/18/13
Not seeing your country in the dropdown menu? Google Places availability. vanessagene 7/18/13
The "Best Answer" button - Use it! vanessagene 7/18/13
They're here to help: Meet our forum Top Contributors vanessagene 7/18/13
Seeing "We currently do not support this location" on your listing? Read this. vanessagene 7/18/13
Turnaround times for edits to Google Places listings vanessagene 7/18/13
E-mails from Google about edits to your listing vanessagene 7/18/13
Having a problem with your Google Places listing? Get in touch with our support team vanessagene 7/18/13
Like many other business I have not received my PIN postcard. Help... Skin Theory 12:49 PM
Irregular or by appointment hours Jill Masten-Byers 12:33 PM
Was kann man tun, wen Google Erth falsche informationen vermittelt? Carmen Sousa Monteiro 12:28 PM
I created a new listing with a Google+ to manage, but there is another that I cant get rid of Layani Prado 12:19 PM
google contact number Tom Holley 11:59 AM
No postcard received for Google places Ace Interior 11:55 AM
Verifying Business Paul Spadaro 11:48 AM
Two Emails Managing One Google+ Page elyman 11:02 AM
Google won't change my address - trying for 6 months -no one answers phone there Beyond Tech 10:55 AM
Google places verification pin Maxxmotors Trivandrum 10:54 AM
Is my business being penalized? Charles Thomas - PMSAZ 10:47 AM
Google places still edit pending Tom Gramatis 10:42 AM
Duplicate business listing - one version connects with my current AdWords Express and the other connects with my current Google+ Nik Ciccone 10:38 AM
Wrong address on page and I can't change it beardy sev 10:36 AM
Remove my reviews Luke Hale 10:20 AM
Unverified duplicate page needs to be deleted Joe Mayer 9:06 AM
I had 9 5 star reviews and one 1 star, I keep flagging up the one star as inappropriate ,but nothing gets done despite it being pretty vicious and totally untrue. this morning three of the 5 star reviews vanished. Why Jain Kidd 8:39 AM
Please help - we have had a review put on Google that isn't real Review that isn't real 7:46 AM
"Edit business information" yields error 500. Wrong postal code Christopher Mayell 7:32 AM
Google calling me multiple times a day; Annoying THE REAL SIMON TAYLOR 6:23 AM
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