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Google Books API

Welcome to the Google Books API Help Forum! If you want to talk about adding the Google Books API in your website, or if you have questions about how to make this work, you've come to the right place. We encourage you to not only seek knowledge about the product, but also share what you know with your fellow forum users. 

More information about the Google Books API can be found hereIf you have questions about Google Books not related with API, please go directly to the Google Books Help Forum.

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General discussion

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Can i get book as result by name using Google Books API? piyush kachariya 2/26/15
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Printing a physical copy after purchasing a google book. Vinnie Hu 2/24/15
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get title of books given a title of film Domenico Bellantoni 2/18/15
Google Play Books - Memory Usage on Andriod too much bokeh 2/17/15
Epub CFI position not adhered by Play Books or Interactive Viewer Werner Buck 2/15/15
Quota increase requests Said ÖZCAN 2/12/15
My timestamp Olusegun Bamgbose 2/9/15
Editing metadata troddinrazor 2/3/15
Google Books Image Resolution Brent Spithaler 1/31/15
Move books and magazines David Popowich 1/31/15
auto-focusing a page while inside a browser?? JayQ37 1/30/15
Malware file in 'googleapis.com' Andrés Celis 1/28/15
yousafsaleem yousa saleem 1/25/15
Billboard google books Bo Berglind 1/25/15
critical campanion to tonny morrison a literary referance to paradise asma-ul- husna 1/14/15
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