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Google Books API

Welcome to the Google Books API Help Forum! If you want to talk about adding the Google Books API in your website, or if you have questions about how to make this work, you've come to the right place. We encourage you to not only seek knowledge about the product, but also share what you know with your fellow forum users. 

More information about the Google Books API can be found hereIf you have questions about Google Books not related with API, please go directly to the Google Books Help Forum.

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General discussion

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აპოლონს მიღმა ბასა გიორგი ბართაია 4/2/17
Why would fields disappear from the response of a v1/volumes/q=isbn: request? oscartc 3/31/17
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What is the duration for which I can keep books stored on my local server? harshit211997 3/1/17
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Removal nofailme 1/22/17
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סיסמה משה בן שושן 1/20/17
When searching inside a book, does it search ALL the content? Chumbo 1/13/17
Tumblr API Discussion › blog/following is in api docs but is not active method tu_lienzo 1/9/17
Make Book Preview button target _blank (Preview Wizard) Candace Cottrell 1/7/17
Is it possible to list books by genre? Luca Bezerra 12/27/16
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