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Google Books API

Welcome to the Google Books API Help Forum! If you want to talk about adding the Google Books API in your website, or if you have questions about how to make this work, you've come to the right place. We encourage you to not only seek knowledge about the product, but also share what you know with your fellow forum users. 

More information about the Google Books API can be found hereIf you have questions about Google Books not related with API, please go directly to the Google Books Help Forum.

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General discussion

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Blank pages when I click on links to books.google.com with IE DTenner 12/24/15
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Google Books API has a severe bug where search volume by ISBN fails! yoasha 11/28/15
lte سعود الشريف 11/15/15
what is your age? sam meshach 11/5/15
Previously successful Books API calls now fail An Ha 11/6/15
Me BUILT UP 11/11/15
Me BUILT UP 11/2/15
is it possible to create our own category shelf? cherry blossom87 12/17/15
Inconsistent search result with books api vlad2005 11/1/15
Getting blank pages when trying to view Google books. Davilo Olivad 11/29/15
Why does Google Ngram viewer only include texts upto 2008? Will it be extended? William Grenis (US - Advisory) 10/29/15
lethienbaolu lethienbao Lu 11/2/15
Is it possible to create our own Google Books book reader app? 0siris 10/26/15
AdWords API Key - Still don't have one Martin Krivosija 10/18/15
Is it possible to search for two or more books at once? Martina Majcen 10/16/15
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