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Something is Broken

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Blog down for two months Polyfimos O Kanenas 5:10 AM
'Choose a profile' versus 'choose an identity' when commenting Perpetua 5:06 AM
Anyone know anything about posting on Blogger? When I post on Blogger and include a photo, why does my profile image appear on my post instead of the image I post? Thanks so much! ajwrites57 5:03 AM
my blog appears to have been hacked. New posts (not posted by me) relating to european football(!) appear increasingly frequently. Can anyone advise what I should do? brutalism and booze 4:51 AM
Adsense integration error Karri Ojala 4:30 AM
PErmalinks without my blog name Deeps kitchen 4:28 AM
My blog has 'disappeared' from the dashboard. How can I retrieve it? Zoe Potter 4:26 AM
This is nonsense John Dutton 4:24 AM
Pornograhic site traffic on my blog kaushikghosh12 4:21 AM
My blog has been marked as spam by our automated classification system Saudara Helmi 4:19 AM
HELP. There is no "B" in the top left corner of my blog for me to click on to start another blog writing? Cindy Sams 4:11 AM
Forgot User Name, Password and recovery email of my old blog. ameen.akbar 4:11 AM
draft post has disapeared Andrew Gillard 4:07 AM
Follow by email not working kez tolson 4:05 AM
please I am a blogger I have deleted someone please return Andre Pujakusuma 2:31 AM
Cannot access drafts - Endless load t52municipios 2:21 AM
Blogger publishing never ends Olga Lustsik 2:16 AM
help SteadyPaddling 1:54 AM
Error bX-wnrswi K. C.-van E 2:24 AM
Photos will not upload properly small grey box Sarah Harvey 12:59 AM
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