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Welcome to the Google Apps Forum! We discuss all things related to our Google Apps cloud productivity suite. You can participate in the forum by reading posts, asking questions, helping others, and by choosing and sharing the best answers to your questions.

Google employees, known as 'Google Apps Advisors' will be popping in to help answer questions, share tips, and post announcements. Top Contributors are volunteers who use and love Google Apps, and they donate their free time to help make our community a great place. If you'd like to learn more about the Top Contributor program, click here.

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Read Me Before Posting Advisor Frank 2/16/14
recover permanent deleted mails Gokul Nathct 12:24 AM
How do we stop our domain from being closed when the former admin has been replaced? Ramsey Margolis 4/18/14
Google apps account has been closed even I had activity simon tech 4/18/14
I mistakenly listed myself as a supervised user on my google browser. now I can't find a way to take it off. Sharon Self 4/18/14
Downgrade from Google Apps Business Trial 30 day to Google Apps free Corp Incomda 4/18/14
Google Apps Account Rebecca Brown G 4/18/14
Renewed and paid for my domain two weeks ago and now it says it's expired? MO Milan 4/18/14
Signing in to update payment method doesn't work Luella Nelson 4/18/14
Al entrar a Google Apps me dice "Inicia sesión en una cuenta diferente para acceder a Google Admin." Lucián Torres 4/18/14
Is it possible to add an email alias under a domain alias? lpugoy 4/18/14
How can we change our domain name? Sheryl East 4/18/14
My domain verification ok, but admin account deleted. Eva M 4/18/14
Duplicate Groups twobowlers 4/18/14
Outlook 2013 calendar sync question - new user Lynne Cardwell 4/18/14
Need Paid Gmail Account( for securing current emails from Hackers) no domain required SnehaMaiya s 4/18/14
desktopgoogle chrome remote desktop on apps free edition Saar Feldman 4/18/14
moving my domain Althaf Ahamed 4/18/14
can't use my email for groups after trying to configure domain with Google Apps for Business, but canceling it NoBrakesGames 4/18/14
Sign up as public Google Apps publisher using google apps account. Krish 4/18/14
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