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The Google Analytics forum has moved!

Thanks for being so patient! We’re excited to share the link for our new community. Please feel free to post your questions here: https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com

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crash books with SIGSEV lee rororo 10/28/15
crash gapps with SEGV_MAPERR with fault addr 0x0 lee rororo 10/27/15
google analytics bug shows referred spam alvaro_argentina 11/2/15
Page analytics gives white pages Robert-Jan Kuyper 10/27/15
Cloud Print in onStartPrinterDiscovery IllegalStateException occur Suny kim 10/27/15
crash Google Play Store when update apps lee rororo 10/27/15
Play Store was crashed by IllegalStateException - Fragment already added. Reporter Kim 10/26/15
Google Play Store in DfeToc.getCorpusList RuntimeException occur pro.kim 10/26/15
page analytics - date ranges can't be selected? Stepiau 10/26/15
Geo country breakdown is way off Shai Kerer 10/26/15
SqliteException Occurs in gmscore jerome park 10/26/15
Trouble Signing In DeeMurty 10/25/15
Google Chrome failing to open Analytics! sanjeev.mishra 10/28/15
Google Play Service in Native Crash Occur pro.kim 10/25/15
Custom dimension does not appear in custom filter fields list Matthew van der Steen 10/27/15
Google Analytics Link doesn't redirect to login page - stays on home page hardik.p 10/23/15
Unable to Sign in into Google Analytics. reshmi krishnan 10/30/15
anr com.google.process.gapps due to com.google.android.gsf/.gtalkservice.PushMessagingRegistrarProxy lee rororo 10/22/15
Native Crash Occur- signal 7 (SIGBUS), code 1 (BUS_ADRALN) pro.kim 10/22/15
Scheduling Unsampled Reports (Bad Link) Eric_Wu 10/22/15
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