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Technical errors/bugs

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I am trying to create an account in ad sense and it gets stuck at this step . what to do farheen sabah 12:23 AM
5 Weeks and no Help.. Adsense Team HELP.... Payments on Hold! Action Required (BUT Nothing to action) Joshua Haswell 12/7/16
¿Porque no aparecen mis ingresos en Google Adsense cuando en Youtube (analytics) si aparecen? Juan Pergo 12/7/16
Unknown website on my reports Bud Maloney 12/7/16
AdSense not working with WordPress 4.7. Error felicianojourney 12/7/16
how to change website url form example.in to example.net YaSofts 12/7/16
Did not receive my disapproval email vish091699 12/7/16
YOUTUBE Problems 2016 Terminations.. مسلم أخر حاجه 12/7/16
Can't add a new user email to my account Email not adding to account 12/7/16
tolong bantu saya ???? agus tok 12/7/16
Random website connected to my Adsense account The Vegan Scholar 12/7/16
I received mail of Congratulations! my account is now fully approved by 8pm yesterday but this morning i received another mail they disapproved....why? Nwosu JOHNBOSCO 12/7/16
log in problem log in problem 12/6/16
what "Please correct the errors on this form." earror Sahan Aloka 12/7/16
My account got suspended for something I didnt do. FatBoy Gammer 12/7/16
Account Suspended Renable emon007 12/6/16
Adsense Sign up not available BLIND STORIES 12/6/16
Closed my AdSense account, f**cked up my payment profile Redwarp 12/7/16
Ads Not Appearing on SquareSpace site The Late Game 12/6/16
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