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Technical errors/bugs

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I receive the email "Great news! Your ads are live." but adsense dashboard is not working Paolo Nunez 12:15 AM
Cant change password or login to gmail or adsense thatjoblessguy 2/22/17
how to cancel adsense account - PLZ Help.... ejob2007 2/22/17
ñ character in my last name mspudol 2/22/17
My Adsense account was rejected, but it still reads "Account Under Review" on the Adsense website so I can't apply again senzor 2/22/17
by self click message how to remove https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF47h19fpWaVkpICU 2/22/17
I received an email saying that my account was approved, however I am still unable to access my ads. When I log in, the site still says it is waiting on approval. It has been approved for a week now. Please help! Bree28 2/22/17
Denied login access. Don't have old email account or phone number to verify. BBCCAA11123 2/22/17
Why am i not getting a email? HoloGrow 2/22/17
403 Forbidden Error - New Adsense Account investFeed Team 2/22/17
why my account has not been not approve yet? Nimay ranjn 2/22/17
PIN problem (ASAP) rubgeg 2/22/17
will not let me submit tax information skyyfall 2/22/17
why my Youtube channel Adsense Acount CTR fluctuated ? https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-mYgQLjvtsdM/WK3 2/22/17
The pin was sent to an wrong address. I've changed the address, but it's not possible send pin to the new address because the old one is still appearing. What do I? Can't change my pin's address 2/22/17
Error with address address error 2/22/17
Can't log in to my approved active Adsense Account. dhih 2/22/17
Adsense re-enable stuck. Can't activate it. Please help out. Caglar Hepterlikci 2/22/17
my add sub menu not showing in login panel, please help me , my adsense account recently approved. bug2222 2/22/17
Activate AdSense for Content-Sites Herbert Mühlburger 2/22/17
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