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Reports and Earnings

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Google reported incorrect amount to IRS and now I owe 2,200 more in taxes adsensecustomer 8/22/16
"Invalid traffic" - 30% deduction from estimated earnings khawkinsgdn 8/22/16
Estimated earnings show but Page views and and Page RPM not Show is still 0 madsig 8/22/16
No report show. madsig 8/22/16
Payment and Earnings DeeVine DeeZine 8/22/16
Reports not getting updated jgoh.Petersons 8/22/16
Is something wrong with my account? I have had no movement on my AdSense "today so far" information, despite that fact that google analytics show I have lots of traffic. My AdSense information won't refresh 8/22/16
Earnings stuck? pselcke 8/23/16
MY ACCOUNT CLOSED Francais Connais 8/22/16
Does Social traffic reduces cpc? Nikhil SD 8/22/16
Does Social traffic reduces cpc? Nikhil SD 8/22/16
Доход Viki Mirik 8/22/16
Adsense payment less than analytics said NerdBubblegum 10:39 AM
Are apps limited in earnings? Helen1991 8/21/16
How to fix adsense account (Unlink adrev) Faris sheikh 8/21/16
why is youtube analytics revenue different than adsense revenue projectclarity 8/22/16
please help me l have not seen my finalized earnings on AdSense account since june Omehs Movie 8/21/16
Manage multiple Sites with same Google Adsense Account Andr.barbieri 8/21/16
Hey I just wanted to ask that i have posted a vid and it has like 320 views many clicks on ad and e.t.c but still haven't earned a penny in adsense and not in youtube can u plz tell me what do I do? Plzzzzzz reply https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V8jbAVhwT10 8/21/16
Please Check If my AdSense is Properly Linked with my YouTube Channel or not ??? Yatin0007 8/22/16
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