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Having a lot of issues. Jordan Robert 4/22/18
I didn’t get paid on the 21st for last months earnings. Rochelle McMa 4/22/18
If my earnings are not sent today after added the payment method just today .. they will not be sent to me until next month Youhay 4/22/18
I have money sat in my adsense and now i cannot earn any more MrSkeedle 4/22/18
Expired Western Union payment friestv 4/22/18
Adsense did not credit back my earnings after its issued for 92days (suppose to credit back my earnings after 60days) (payment method -western union ) friestv 4/22/18
Didn't get paid this time Chris Bandy 4/22/18
Today my payment receipt i'm forget at printer place so my adsense safe or not? Payment Receipt 4/22/18
WRONG NUMBER OF PAYMENT Mihael Leško 4/22/18
Payment delay ADSRNSE 4/22/18
Adsense Earnings not credited into bank account Manjula Moti 4/22/18
why my balance balance is lost and the balance of April has entered dibalance? but not the end of the month and until now I have not get payment email hannelore elington 4/22/18
Adsense THIAGO _D 4/22/18
"Validation via un code secret" et "Valider" sous "Afficher plus de cartes" ne sont pas VISIBLES dans mon compte Adsense. Mussah Jimoh 4/22/18
Where did western union money pay me 90 days ago, which I could not take due to lack of recipient data? sudix 4/22/18
Adsense Payment Not issued Adsense Payment Not issued 4/22/18
How to cancel a payment? Jan dfsfds sdfdsffsd 4/22/18
I can't see my Cheque MahubiriTz 4/22/18
Adsense Payment E-mail not Receive Cs2.0 4/22/18
Why payment is not yet issued today? Pogz 4/22/18
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