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Monétisation désactivée mais il y avait des revenus estimés avant la désactivation ? ABDEL 93 2/11/16
How Can I get payment if I don't have active bank account? Nick M80 2/11/16
Excuse me there is No payment methods have been added yet to my Adsense Account What's Problem??? Billy Strewart 2/11/16
adsense payment claim alexboi 2/10/16
MTCN OFAC gossf 2/10/16
Error en direccion para solicitar PIN futbolten10 2/10/16
Im Wating to paid my check i sent check on bank 21/01/2016 .. Status: Issued View Live 2/10/16
Payment with a copyright strike? ttkkp 2/10/16
Total income My 12/2015 = 573 USD, why my current balance now = 0 USD Please Help Me~~!!! you i love 2/10/16
Not possible asking for a new address verification PIN Valerio P 2/10/16
My Adsense account gone with 2500 $ Alaa Al- Sa'edy 2/10/16
Big problem! Missing money! trz56rzh 2/10/16
I have Ad Sense but don`t have option for wire transfer in Serbia (CS) Aleksandar Zec 2/10/16
Out of date cheque Alex Storch 2/10/16
PIN CODE Pinpin 2/10/16
why it doesn't pass when i wirte my IBAN code IBAN code 2/10/16
Need urgent help! trz56rzh 2/10/16
Tax information tombo82685 2/10/16
Youtube Earnings not updated in Adsense account Gaurav Chahar 2/10/16
Help! Wrong bank card number! trz56rzh 2/10/16
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