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I don't have an account anymore: Disabled accounts

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I can't log in to my AdSense Account to Remove a User! Avalon2431HD 8:26 PM
Had AdSense account but ads would not appear where I wanted so proceeded to start a new one.. New account frustrations 8:00 PM
Partnership Disabled Hasina Akther 6:43 PM
Unable to review your site Unable to review your site 10:17 AM
unable to access adsense - Unknown email ID linked Adsense pradeep3043 9:39 AM
adsense account closed since two years deleted adsense account 9:39 AM
For Account verification Muhammad Naveed KHan 8:13 AM
inactive account??? Sigrid Llavina 5:52 AM
To register a URL again. Need help! vocesdecuenca 4:03 AM
Never had an Adense account but its disabled? Darcy M 8/26/15
I Closed my account and verified bank account, when will I recieve payment? gworksnell 8/26/15
Issues re-applying for adsense after a long-term disapproved account (for insufficient content) Jani T 8/26/15
Disabled account AngieK1974 8/26/15
New adsense account Ryan Huaman 8/26/15
Ads not showing Again Thelma Henshaw 8/26/15
No response to the appeal No response to the appeal 8/26/15
How to reactivate closed adsense account due to my inactivity Darkness Andy 8/26/15
Help me adsense not accept my blog smartinv 8/26/15
Confusing mess up with Adsense Lloydy1991 8/26/15
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