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I don't have an account anymore: Disabled accounts

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How can I access an Adsense account that is unavailable? Noble Pearls 6:29 PM
Account Glitched sheepykins 5:50 PM
pls does this post have illegal content in it.. Thompson SuperSam 3:02 PM
Google reinstated the wrong AdSense account! Silvia Pak 12:34 PM
AdSense account not accessible Aaron Rich 12:33 PM
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Adsense Disable without invalid activity Ride2safe 11:27 AM
Can someone clarify this for me please? Portogas D Hamid 11:14 AM
Had 1 adsense, didn't remember, created a new one.. new one blocked.. deleted the old one.. new one blocked bastapoliticidiprofessione 10:22 AM
Adsense Account Disable Help ME. Kai Renault 7:07 AM
Adsense account disabled.. Adsense account disabled.. 5:21 AM
How do I reactivate my disabled AdSense account? Kim Skorgenes 10/7/15
Can i recovery my adsense account on my website? Sophalorm 10/7/15
It says I don't have an acct Frankie Pitt 10/7/15
Invalid Clicks Adsense Approving 10/7/15
"Ad serving has been disabled to your site"?! unique thoughts 10/7/15
My account adense has been disable SCTV1 10/7/15
Adsense disabled for not responding to the email. Naeem Sultan 10/7/15
My Google Adsense account is disabled Nana Sakhvadze 10/7/15
My account adsence disabled bichhuong692013 10/7/15
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